Training Course Overview

In video editing and animation training, you will get the knowledge of both video and audio. You will learn to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia Studio, After Effect and Addition. We will also train you to use professional tools and to make real-world projects.

What you’ll learn

We train you to start with the basics in Premier CC. Step by step, the course introduces you to the different tools you will use in your video editing, and how to apply them. Extensive working files are included with this video tutorial, allowing you to follow along with each lesson using the same files the author does. Some of the topics you will learn about are; importing and managing assets, adding and arranging clips, trimming, adding transitions, working with video effects, the use of layering, animating clips, using the titler, audio edits and effects, and of course, how to export your finished project

  • By the conclusion of these you’ll be able to use Adobe Premiere Pro to a very high standard
  • Comes with over 2GB of HD Working Files
  • How to use all of After Effects CC – in a dynamic, hands on approach.
  • Work with the latest Responsive Design Techniques
  • Create Motion Graphics to enhance your videos using a step by step, easy-to-use method.
  • Boost your creativity by completing 50+ Practice Activities and projects from simple to complex.
  • Practice compositing techniques to achieve stunning video effects.
  • Master Visual Time Effects on Videos and Motion Graphics.
  • create a pop style mix that is ready for mastering
  • edit and pitch correct vocals
  • use effects such as equalizers, compressors, noise gates, reverb, delay and modulation properly
  • setup submix routing
  • use automation to change elements in a song
  • many more

Learn a new skill that will definitely enrich you, make you more tech-savvy and help you create high-quality videos. 

  • How to download and install Camtasia Studio
  • Get around the interface, keyboard shortcuts, and best practices
  • Record your computer screen and audio
  • How to edit videos, add text, animations, transitions and more
  • Import images, sounds, screen recordings or webcam video
  • Learn how to record voice narrations
  • Organize files and folders for maximum effectiveness
  • Use annotations to point out important parts of your video
  • Create noise-free audio and adjust volume levels
  • Add open and closed captions to their videos
  • Produce videos in different formats
  • Prepare Camtasia for highest-quality export